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The three best foods for weight loss & body cleansing


Body cleansing

Nutrition program "Cleansing the body" Low-calorie 1 meal program for 5 days Weight loss up to 3.3 kg in 2 weeks. Provides "healthy" weight loss for people with overweight and obesity I and II degrees Improves the functional state of the gastrointestinal tract. The low-calorie nutrition program "Cleansing the Body" will allow you to prepare the body for weight loss in the best way - to remove metabolic products and provide the necessary biologically active substances, including vitamins, macro- and microelements. Thanks to this program, weight loss in the following stages will be most effective. The meal program includes fast food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, as well as our recommendations for complementary meals (for which you can use self-cooked meals or our products “Losing weight in a week”). The dishes of the “Body Cleansing” nutrition program are specially created to help everyone who seeks to normalize the metabolism and work of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, biliary tract, accelerate the excretion of metabolic products to correct and control body weight and improve their appearance. They are very easy to prepare: just pour boiling water over and stir.

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Lose weight in a week

In order for you to effectively fight overweight, experts in the field of LEOVIT dietetics have developed a line of specialized products and low-calorie nutrition programs “Losing weight in a week”. First, you need to prepare the body, cleanse it of metabolic products, provide it with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Only then can you begin to actively reduce weight. When reaching a normal weight, it is important to consolidate the result and maintain shape in the future. We have developed dozens of foods and drinks for those who are on a low-calorie diet for weight loss. We offer you a variety of products enriched with active ingredients, vitamins and minerals; variety of tastes and ease of preparation.

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Menu options

Health promotion products Our products fill your body with vitamins, help prevent colds, reduce the risk of developing heart disease, and make you more resistant to stress. Kissel LEOVIT for the health of the whole family Kissels LEOVIT, enriched with vitamins and minerals, ideally combine the beneficial properties and rich taste of natural berries, fruits and medicinal herbs. A wide range of your favorite jelly for solving a variety of tasks: Porridge and muesli LEOVIT. Designed to help everyone who wants to lose weight, become healthier and more beautiful. Recommended for breakfast or dinner.

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